WWE News: Reason For AJ Lee Not Being On ‘Total Divas’ Revealed

Most guys won’t admit to liking Total Divas, but the WWE did a fantastic job bringing in a solid audience. For the proof, the hit-reality show scored a.5 in the ratings two nights ago. To put it into perspective, Impact Wrestling scores about a 1.0 on a normal basis. Remember, Sunday night is when the Walking Dead and Sunday Night Football air, so it is a very hard lineup to crack good ratings from.

The program shows signs of continuation, which is a great thing. Each season, they are adding new characters to bring in different storylines on the show. One of WWE’s head producers, Kevin Dunn, writes fantastic copy for the program. Every Diva and WWE superstar always brings his or her one-liners like Tyson Kidd’s, “What’s up… brother?” the other night.

It was just announced yesterday that Paige and Alicia Fox will be added to the next season of Total Divas, starting on January 4th. Fox makes spot appearances on the program, while Paige appeared just one time during a quick backstage segment. Those two are dynamic characters in the WWE, so adding them is a bonus for Total Divas.

With the additions, there is still one diva that isn’t on the show. AJ Lee, current-WWE Divas champion, won’t be on the show anytime soon and the reason for her exclusion is not shocking in the slightest.

F4Wonline.com reports that WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee is not being added to the cast because she’s married to former WWE Superstar CM Punk. The only main roster Divas who are not on the show now are AJ, Emma, Lana, Lilian Garcia, Eden, Renee Young and Tamina Snuka.

There is something about the decision to exclude her that doesn’t make sense. On a rare occasion, CM Punk will be mentioned on WWE programming or even shown during a video package. Last night, the WWE aired a montage of Hell in a Cell statistics, quite like they do for the Royal Rumble. In one of the selected shots, they used Punk’s back with a multitude of scars and cuts to portray the cell’s damage to one’s body.

They are willing to show him in montages, but they can’t use his wife on a successful reality show? With Vince McMahon’s Total Divas rule on blocking championships to show participants being ruled out by Stephanie McMahon, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be on the show.

The only plausible reason is that Lee just doesn’t want to be on it. After her pipebomb on the Divas, Lee would sound like quite the hypocrite; sound familiar? Until Lee breaks the silence, the WWE Universe may never know why their Divas champion isn’t on Total Divas. On the other hand, Punk may not allow her to be on it. Now, that’s controversy.

[Image via diva-dirt.com]