Daniel Crespo Timeline: Family Sues For Wrongful Death Against Bell Gardens Wife

Daniel Crespo's family says that Lyvette Crespo, aka Levette Crespo, shot down their loved one in cold blood, and it's time for them to pay. According to the latest report from NBC-Los Angeles. Daniel Crespo's mother and brother have filed a wrongful death suit against Daniel Crespo's wife and killer Lyvette Crespo. William Crespo is seeking $50 million dollars in damages, according to court records.

The Crespo family alleges that Lyvette Crespo was a jealous and aggressive wife who threatened to shoot and kill her husband several times this year, after she discovered that her husband was having an affair. In a press conference with news outlets Daniel Crespo's brother, William Crespo, stated the following.

"They jumped on my brother. My brother was maybe pushing them off him, you know, and that's you know() I feel this matter was planned."
William Crespo's attorney, James Devitt, chimed in to say that despite the fact that Mayor Daniel Crespo was cheating on his wife, it still gives no one the right to take his life, according to CBS-Local.
"He was no angel.() He had a bit of a zipper problem. You cannot use deadly force against non-deadly force."
Daniel Crespo, 45, was shot and killed in his own home by his wife in September. News of the shooting shocked the town of Bell Gardens, where Crespo worked as Mayor. As police investigated the case and took a closer look inside the marriage of Daniel Crespo and his wife, Lyvette (Levette), they found a troubling pattern of domestic violence, physical abuse and deceit.

Daniel Crespo's son told police that his mother shot his father in self-defense, and that his father had assaulted him and his mother. Lyvette Crespo was detained but not charged in the death of her husband. Now the slain mayor's family is seeking justice because they say that she planned the killing and that text messages found in his phone prove it.

Here is a brief timeline in the death of Daniel Crespo.

1980'sDaniel Crespo dates his childhood sweetheart Lyvette Collazo.

1986Daniel Crespo and Levette Collazo marry.

1990'sDaniel Crespo works as a probation officer.

2001Daniel Crespo is appointed to Bell Gardens City Council.


Daniel Crespo is elected Mayor of Bell Gardens.


Months after being elected Mayor, Daniel Crespo begins an affair with another woman.September 30: Lyvette Crespo shoots Daniel Crespo in the chest five times. She is questioned but not charged in his death.

October: The 911 call is released.

October 20: William Crespo, Daniel Crespo's brother, files a $50 million wrongful death lawsuit against Lyvette Crespo. One transcript of Daniel Crespo's cell phone shows the following statement from Crespo to his wife, Lyvette.

"N it better b d last time U threaten to shoot me in d head."
Attorney for William Crespo says that Lyvette the killing was planned. Lyvette Crespo has always maintained that she was a victim of domestic abuse, according to a previous Inquisitr article.

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