WWE: Vince McMahon's 'Total Divas' Rule Blocks The Divas Title? Stephanie Denies The Rumor

Patrick Frye

Vince McMahon allegedly has an informal Total Divas "rule" which states that none of the Total Divas cast members are allowed to have a chance at the WWE Divas championship title. Stephanie McMahon is bluntly denying that is true and claims it's completely a rumor.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Stephanie McMahon admitted she likes playing the bad guy with Triple as The Authority, and she also talked about her recent return to wrestling and what that meant for her family. Trish Stratus also recently made some controversial comments about the WWE Divas division, claiming that female wrestlers like A.J. Lee and Paige need to wrestle men. Then again, there's probably nothing more controversial than calling Total Divas fake, although Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella deny that's the case.

There are many theories for why Vince McMahon supposedly came up with the Total Divas rule. Some say Vince wants to avoid viewer confusion since the Total Divas episodes are taped weeks before they are aired, which could potentially seem confusing based upon the current WWE story line of the week.

Others claim McMahon does not have a reason for the rule, and that this idea is harming the WWE Divas division.

"The issue now is that Vince feels that no one on the show should be the Diva's Champion. There is really no reasoning behind it, but Vince just doesn't want to see anyone from the show hold the title. The problem with that is that the bulk of WWE's main roster Divas are on that show, barring two… Paige and AJ Lee. Clearly the two ladies are good, but fans are going to get tired of seeing just them wrestle for the title. It simply can't work. If fans knew going into a rivalry with a Total Diva that they wouldn't win, then what would be the point of the rivalry?"

"I've heard that rumor. It's hard to explain it because every single day in the WWE things are changing. Remember that anything can happen in the WWE. Who would've have thought that Bret Hart would ever come back?" Natalya told SLAM! Wrestling. "Would I like to be Divas champion again? For sure, but it doesn't define me. About six months ago, I felt I wasn't worth as much if I wasn't Divas champion. But now, it's not what's making me wake up in the morning. Since I started doing Total Divas, my life has changed is so many ways that I wasn't expecting. And you know, tomorrow, all the rules can change again."

When Stephanie McMahon spoke to Yahoo Sports, she was asked if the wrestlers on Total Divas were not allowed to win the Divas title. The second half of The Authority bluntly denied that her father had such a rule.

"Absolutely not. I honestly don't even know how that rumor got started. There is no policy. I think it would be awesome to have one of the Total Divas as our champion. I think it would drive interest in the storyline. I would never say never."