Marcus Grodd, Lacy Faddoul: ‘DWTS’ Date Night For ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Pair

'Bachelor in Paradise' stars Lacy Faddoul, Marcus Grodd

After what seemed like a wee bit of a dry spell, Bachelor in Paradise stars Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul are sharing lots of photos and updates again with fans. The two are still together and seemingly doing well, and Monday night they had a very special kind of date night, it seems.

Marcus and Lacy are still living separately, with Faddoul based in California and Grodd living in Texas. This past weekend Lacy was in Dallas doing a golf charity event with Marcus. When Monday night hit, they were in California together and in the audience of Dancing With the Stars.

Both Lacy and Marcus shared a few updates and photos via Twitter throughout their DWTS evening. Fans were watching to see if they could catch a glimpse of them in the audience, or even hear an update from them. Alas, Dancing With the Stars viewers at home didn’t really get to score any big fun with this appearance, but it certainly looks like the Bachelor in Paradise couple had a good time. A few fans mentioned online that they caught peek at Marcus and Lacy in the audience, but that was about it.

One photo from the taping shared via Instagram definitely caught the attention of Bachelor in Paradise fans, though. From the looks of things, Marcus and Lacy weren’t the only BIP stars attending the Dancing With the Stars taping Monday. Joining them were Clare Crawley and Graham Bunn. Clare and Graham both shared a picture of the quartet via Instagram page, and fans immediately started buzzing.

'Bachelor in Paradise' stars Graham Bunn, Clare Crawley, Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul

As Bachelor in Paradise fans will remember, Clare had actually asked Graham out on the first date of the season, but AshLee Frazier already had her sights set on Graham and scared Crawley off. Graham never had an opportunity to pursue a romance with Clare or anybody else, and Crawley ended up leaving the show early in part due to AshLee’s aggressive behavior.

Are Graham and Clare testing the waters of a romance, or are they just friends who happened to be available to join Marcus and Lacy at DWTS? All of the posts on social media referred to the group being friends, and there is zero hint on either Clare or Graham’s social media pages that this might be anything more than that. Despite that, many Bachelor in Paradise fans are excited about the idea of the two dating, and would love to see Clare and Graham give it a shot.

Though Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul haven’t shared any new details recently about their plans for the future, it looks like in the present things with this relationship are going quite well. Bachelor in Paradise will return next summer with season 2, and chances are some of the folks from season 1 will show up looking for another shot at finding love – though for now, fans will have to stay tuned.

[Image via Lacy Faddoul’s Instagram]