Clueless Justin Bieber Didn’t Send Pal To ‘Keep Tabs’ On Selena Gomez & Bloom

Justin Bieber is usually billed as a clueless child with much growing up to do. However, a gossip site story has accused the 20-year-old of being a Rasputin-like master manipulator who “uses friends” to “keep tabs” on former girlfriend Selena Gomez.

The claim arose after pics surfaced on Monday of the 22-year-old actress-singer walking through LAX airport, accompanied by Bieber’s longstanding friend videographer Alfredo Flores, 26.

Not too far behind them, Brit actor Orlando Bloom — who previously tried to punch Justin in Ibiza, Spain, reportedly over his rumored fling with his former wife, supermodel Miranda Kerr — was also at LAX to take the same flight as Gomez to Canada.

As reported, Selena and Orlando are appearing at the We Day global youth empowerment conference in Vancouver, which takes place today. She hosted, he was one of many guest speakers.

The LAX sighting sparked dating rumors, which have since been categorically denied in an E! News report, citing a source.

E! also noted both stars share a manager in Aleen Keshishian of Brillstein Entertainment Partners, which is why they were traveling together.

Selena Gomez And Orlando Bloom

(Photo: Gomez and Bloom at LAX airport bound for We Day Vancouver, October 20.)

The insider told the outlet, “They flew on the same flight to Vancouver.”

“They were in the lounge together before and walked together to the plane but separated when they saw photographers.”

For all of the reasons above, and a source who tells us Flores went to Vancouver to video Gomez’s hosting stint at We Day, Hollywood Life’s breathless claim that Aldredo has been enlisted as a “spy” doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

From the site:

“Selena told Justin that she was going to be on that flight with Orlando, and Justin was definitely jealous and upset.”

“But instead of showing that to Selena, he made sure his buddy Alfredo was with her to pretty much watch her and report back to Justin if anything happened,” a source tells exclusively.

“Justin still is wearing the pants and manipulating Selena for his benefit.”

The subtext of Bieber as a clever, controlling boyfriend and Gomez as a brainless idiot is clear enough, and it’s one that Hollywood Life have been running for some time now, citing invented sources.

While the outlet’s endless fiction is a matter of record, Gossip Cop reports Gomez herself recently slammed the site’s over-active imagination.

From Gossip Cop:

A Gomez fan had shared a screenshot of a recent HollywoodLife story about the singer-actress, one of the countless stories about Gomez that HollywoodLife flat out made up.

The fan posted an excerpt from one of the site’s recent articles, which pretended to have a “source” with insight into Gomez and Justin Bieber.

The fan’s caption read, “Hollywood Life is s*** tbh. No matter if they say anything good or bad, it’s always lies… just my opinion (and a ton of other peoples) but they aren’t a reliable source.”

Gomez herself then wrote on the Instagram post, “Hollywood life is never true. Ever.”

Hollywood Life

(Screenshot via Instagram.)

In closing, notwithstanding E!’s 2013 report that Flores and Gomez knew each other even before she began dating Bieber, the premise that Flores and Gomez would allow anyone to “use” them is plainly ludicrous.

Non-credible gossip stories that don’t hold water and waste everyone’s time don’t have to be given the time of day. Even if they are about the clueless Justin Bieber.