George Clooney Gets Marriage Advice From Actress Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

George Clooney is a married man, which is something pretty new for him considering he’s been “single” since 1993. Plenty of Clooney’s pals have a lot of marriage experience, and many won’t hesitate when it comes to giving him advice. While you can probably imagine the kinds of things George has heard from his guy friends (John Krasinski, Brad Pitt), some of Clooney’s female friends have some words of wisdom for the actor as well, according to Access Hollywood.

Actress Julia Roberts — who co-starred alongside Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven — recently revealed that she’s been talking to George quite a bit since his nuptials in Italy (Roberts didn’t attend Clooney’s wedding, but that could have simply been a scheduling issue).

“We’ve spoken many times since he’s gone from a bridegroom to a husband. I’ll be advising George Clooney on his marital life. I’ll get right on that!” Julia joked. “Well, the only advice for that is finding your person – and he’s found his person,” Julia said.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin haven’t hung out with Julia Roberts much at all. In fact, as of May, Julia told Ellen DeGeneres that she’d never even met Amal. However, Julia said that she was very happy for her dear friend.

“I think it’s sublime. She is beautiful and smart… and he is happy and that’s what matters to me,” Roberts said.

Well, so far so good for Mr. and Mrs. Clooney as their fairytale wedding weekend came and went. Amal has been working in Greece while Clooney has been traveling like crazy. He made a surprise appearance at New York’s Comic Con earlier this month and was spotted in West Hollyood, California, this past weekend. According to Mail Online, Clooney enjoyed a guys night out with Rande Gerber. The two handsome fellas were spotted leaving Craig’s Restaurant on Saturday night.

“It seemed the two friends haven’t spent any one-on-one time recently and were happy to have spent the evening together and catching up. As they left the restaurant, the two men gave each other a big farewell hug. George was low key for the outing, wearing a grey T-shirt, jeans and a leather jacket.”

Oh, you know. Just a couple of married men… out on the town… George might be married, but he still knows how to have a good time — and so does Rande Gerber. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Gerber arrived in Italy with George and Amal’s big day on a private jet… filled with tequila!

[Photo courtesy of Jason Merritt/FilmMagic via Us Weekly]