Gay Rights Pioneer Axel Axgil Dead At 96

Axel Axgil fought for decades to make Denmark the first country to fully legalize same-sex marriages and now the gay rights pioneer has succumbed to old age, passing away at the age of 96.

After decades of fighting Axel saw his fight come to fruition in 1989 when he became the first citizen to enter into a same-sex union under the countries new law.

Axgil was also responsible for founding one of Europe’s longest standing gay rights organizations in 1948.

According to the Associated Press Axil’s fight eventually led to the loss of his home and his job.

When speaking about Axil a spokeswomen from the organization he helped co-found said he:

“Was a modest man who never cast himself as a lonely warrior,” while adding, “He always underscored that there were many involved in the work and that it was a common cause.”

Axel’s partner Eigil Axgil passed away in 1995, the men were together for more than 40 years.