Kris Jenner Using Her Connections To Build A ‘Talent Management Empire’

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner is currently “looking at other horizons” and business opportunities.

According to Radar Online, her biggest new project is working to build a “talent management empire.”

Up until now, Kris Jenner has been primarily known as the business manager (or “momager”) for her daughters. However, Kris is reportedly using her connections and contacts in order to get rid of the “momager” title for good by gaining clients outside of her family.

Recent reports state that Kris Jenner already has one client that is not related to her either by blood or marriage – Selena Gomez.

According to International Business Times, Kris Jenner and Selena Gomez first met at Paris Fashion Week last month and Gomez was impressed with her skills as a manager. Since Gomez desperately needed to hire a new manager after firing her old one earlier this year, it seemed like a good fit.

However, an inside source recently told Radar Online that Selena Gomez is just the beginning.

“Her move into becoming a major talent power horse isn’t stopping at Selena Gomez. She’s got her eye on Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith and Cara Delevingne. She has the connections and seriously thinks that she can make this happen.”

As mentioned, Kris Jenner has already proven that she can manage the careers of multiple celebrities in a wide range of different markets – including public celebrity appearances, fashion lines, mobile applications, television shows and movie roles. However, in order to build the “talent management empire,” she will definitely need to reach out to people that do not call her “Mom.”

Not everyone feels that the idea of Kris Jenner being hired as a manager outside of the Kardashian-Jenner family is such a good idea.

What do you think? Will Kris Jenner be successful at building her talent management empire? Or, would Kris Jenner be better off by just continuing to enjoy the money that she is making from managing her children instead?