World In Love With New Royal Baby Set To Arrive Next April

A report released by Kensington Palace states that Prince George of Cambridge is about to have a little competition when the next Royal Baby pops into the world.

The Independent confirms an April 2015 due date for the second Royal Baby of their Royal Highness The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. There is also a one-in-thirty chance that the Royal Baby will be born on its parents’ anniversary date of April 29.

Everyone in the world still loves a romantic fairy tale; it helps keep hope alive. The Royal Couple has been kind enough to share their most important moments with those who want to know, including the birth of their first Royal Baby, Prince George.

It is easy to see that Kate Middleton and Prince William really like each other, are close friends, and have a deep, abiding attraction for one another. William and Kate met in 2001, dated for nine years, and became engaged in 2010.

Their relationship has reached a rock-star status, in part because William’s late mother, Princess Diana, was one of the most famous and well-loved people in the world. Her untimely and tragic death in 1997 has never diminished the love affair the world has had with “Its Princess.” This attachment has transferred to a deep interest in Diana’s own children, William and Harry.

The 2011 wedding between William and Kate was one of the most watched televised events in the world. More than 72 million saw the ceremony on the Royals’ YouTube channel, with nearly 40 million watching in the United Kingdom, and tens of millions of people around the world.

The first Royal Baby, George, was born on July 22, 2012. Millions of well-wishers waited and watched for the birth of the Royal Baby with same intensity as a first-time Grandparent. Now George is about to acquire ‘older brother’ status.

The Inquisitr reports that Kate has had severe morning sickness in the early stages of her pregnancy, but is steadily improving. Mum’s the word on the sex of the Royal Baby, which will remain a family affair for the time being.

The Mirror reveals five secrets about the unborn baby that could be of interest, most notably that April babies have a tendency to be alcoholics. Who knew? Perhaps the ‘fact’ that April babies will choose from a wide-range of careers is easier to swallow.

One-year-old George is in direct line to the throne with the new Royal Baby as his alternate. The royal children are called “an heir and a spare.” The next in line to the throne are Grandfather Prince Charles, Prince William, and finally Prince Harry.

The engaging and funny uncle to the Royal Baby is William’s younger brother, Prince Henry of Wales, known as Prince Harry. Thirty-year-old Harry doesn’t seem to mind being bumped to the bottom of the Royal Totem Pole by either Royal Baby. He is too busy working at his military career and having fun.

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