Man Steals Car To Escape Zombie Apocalypse, Blames History Of Mental Issues, Not Drugs

Joseph Medina

Sometimes fiction has a way of pushing its way into the real world, and with a seemingly possible scenario as a zombie apocalypse, the line can often be so blurred as to be accepted as reality. Such is the case with Tyler Goodman, a 25-year-old man with a history of mental illness. Last Thursday, Goodman broke into Becker Buick car dealership in Spokane Washington and stole a Chevy Impala, in hopes of escaping a zombie apocalypse (via KXLY).

Needless to say, there was no zombie apocalypse from which Goodman could run, and initially, the cause of Goodman's panic was thought to be drug-related. Police were first notified of Goodman's strange behaviors by his mother, The Spokesman-Review reports.

"She said Goodman called her and told her that he was being chased by zombies and that he would do whatever it took to save her. She called 911 to report that her son needed to be picked up by police and taken for a mental evaluation."

After breaking through the showroom window at Becker Buick, Goodman broke into a vehicle in the shop and proceeded to drive through the garage door of the shop. All in all, there were roughly $15,000 in damages to the dealership and its property. Surprisingly enough, Dale Cornwell, the owner of Becker Buick, is understanding of the zombie apocalypse explanation, given Goodman's mental history.

"His mother came in and apologized to us and said she was very sorry about what happened, that her son has mental issues and that it wasn't drugs, so we just took her word for that, but I do hope he receives some help."

Tyler Goodman has since apologized to Becker Buick from behind bars, and says he is willing to pay for the damages. As for the mental breakdown that made him believe he was being chased by zombies, Goodman only wishes he were in a better position to treat it.

"I think I need to be evaluated by a psychologist at the hospital and I'm not being able to, I need to be evaluated and I'm stuck here with no anxiety meds or depression meds, and my mom and mental health counselor think I need to be evaluated for the mental breakdown, and I'm stuck here without getting any better."

Given Goodman's mental issues and the prevalence of zombies in today's media (e.g., zombie outbreak hoax, stories on how to survive a zombie apocalypse, books like World War Z, and the popular post-apocalyptic zombie television series The Walking Dead), it's easy to see how Goodman's mind could have construed a zombie apocalypse scenario. Luckily there were no injuries as a result of this confusion.

Goodman is currently being held on $6,000 bond.