Man Gets So Fed Up With Politics He Steals 244 Political Signs

The stolen signs

In one of the strangest political news stories this year, a man in Florida was so sick of seeing political campaign signs in the yards of his neighbors that he decided to steal as many as he possibly could. By the time he was caught, the man had stolen 244 political signs.

According to First Coast News, Steve Good of Hernando County Florida had had enough of politics. With the mid-term political election only two weeks away, hundreds of political signs filled the yards all across Spring Hill near Good’s home. Considering them to be some kind of eye-sore, Steve Good took it upon himself to take 244 of them, although he claims it was only 75 to 100 signs. Charges are now pending for the alleged theft.

“I see this as visual blight beyond anything that’s even remotely acceptable,” said Good. “All I see is trash, on the street, of my home.”

Good has been spending the past few weeks cleaning up as many of the political signs as he can, seemingly without the consent of the homeowners placing the signs in their yards (or at least approving political candidates to do so). Not only did he steal 244 political signs, Good also informed people of his righteous effort on Facebook. According to Click Orlando, Good referred to the sign-stealing as an effort to “clean-up” his home town. Investigators were able to find the culprit of the stolen signs by using Good’s Facebook posts and tracking him down. Detectives claim all of the political signs were placed on the property with permission.

Good took signs from 18 different political candidates and many different causes. The total cost of the 244 stolen political signs adds up to $1,220, according to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Department.

Defending his actions, Steve Good claimed he just wanted to drive through his home town without seeing any of the signs.

“I wanted to drive down a street and not be outraged.”

Good’s wife, Pauline, is very nervous that charges might be pressed against her husband for the stolen signs.

“I’m upset that it’s gone this far,” said Pauline Good. “What goes around comes around. I am so disillusioned.”

Detectives asked Steve and Pauline to return all 244 of the political signs to the sheriff’s department, which they did. Good’s case is currently under review by the Hernando County State Attorney. Even with theft charges pending, Good claims he’s not backing down from the political nuisance of the signs or the candidates without a fight.