Los Angeles Street Artist Sabo: Hillary Clinton 'Flying Monkey' Posters Removed In Advance Of Potential President's L.A. Visit

Sean Mahoney

Street art posters by Los Angeles Street Artist SABO, which showcase a Wizard of Oz flying monkey holding a sign that reads "Hillary Clinton 2016," appear to have been subjected to a removal and/or cover-up campaign. This has taken place ahead of Hillary Clinton's arrival in the City of Angels for a Democratic fundraiser at the very exclusive Brentwood Tavern, scheduled for Monday night.

Going into the weekend, SABO, whose true identity is unknown, had posted several of the Hillary Clinton flying monkey posters around Brentwood, even hanging a 3D version from a power line, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Brentwood, equally exclusive as the tavern Hillary Clinton will be visiting, is a tiny enclave of Los Angeles and was once home to fallen football hero O.J. Simpson.

Apparently, someone was not at all pleased with SABO's Hillary Clinton 2016 street art, as evidenced by one of the Hillary posters being "violently torn down" at the local Whole Foods, soon after the flying monkey poster had been put up. An interpretation of the SABO poster suggests Hillary Clinton supporters are flying monkey minions to Hillary Clinton's Wicked Witch of the West.

But whether deemed personally offensive, as in the poster being torn down at the Whole Foods, or the Hillary Clinton posters perhaps violating some Brentwood ordinance, the rest of SABO's flying monkey Hillary in 2016 posters were either taken down or painted over throughout the day Saturday.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, SABO had some choice words for those who covered his art work, making a case that the monkeys looked better than what has now been left behind.

"What happened to art being loved and appreciated and never censored? They didn't even try to remove them. And they made it look as ugly as hell. They would rather have this mess than anti-leftist art. Says a lot about them."

At the same time, SABO also expressed satisfaction that one of his flying monkey Hillary Clinton pieces remained, the one hanging form the power line, but Southern California Edison had reportedly dispatched a crew to take that one down as well.

While SABO is clearly against the left and the predominantly liberal Hollywood elite -- saying in an email to The Hollywood Reporter, "All these leftists, I'm tired of their sh*t" -- the L.A. street artist also makes it clear on his website that he has little patience for California Republicans.

"It sickens me to see just about every California Republican I run across pull out the white flag in surrender to the coming coronation of Hillary Clinton. They've all but given up without a hint of a fight. Let this image be a reminder to them that our lady in waiting is not invincible. Obama came out of nowhere and knocked her off her perch without so much as trying."

SABO's targets include many Hollywood personalities, such as Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, and Bill Maher. Besides Hillary Clinton, SABO's most recent street art campaign mocked Gwyneth Paltrow for hostessing another Democratic fundraiser that featured President Obama.

The next street art display featuring SABO's work will again likely be political, but whether or not Hillary Clinton will be the target, only SABO knows.

[Images via Unsavoryagents.com and The Hollywood Reporter]