Monica Lewinsky Joins Twitter, Gets Thousands Of Followers Within Minutes

Monica Lewinsky is on Twitter

Monica Lewinsky joined Twitter on Monday morning, and within minutes of her account going live, Lewinsky had thousands of followers. Monica didn’t join the site with a bunch of fanfair, but with a rather understated approach. So what was the famous former White House intern’s first words on the social media site? Monica led off with a short and sweet tweet saying “here we go.”

Lewinsky is quite famous for being the most public of public mistresses of former President of the United States, Bill Clinton. Monica met Clinton when he was occupying the Oval Office and she worked as an intern. It was their affair that almost led to Clinton being impeached. As ABC News points out, Lewinsky vowed she was going to be more vocal for her personal causes back in May.

Since that time, she has indeed gone public with a number of different views. In particular, the former politico has talked about the pain she feels for women who are caught up in sex scandals or the like. Last month, she talked about how she identified with Jennifer Lawrence and other victims of The Fappening because she feels she’s a victim of this same kind of scandal.

As Salon points out, Monica hasn’t exactly been prolific on her Twitter account just yet, though she did add a second tweet after her debut. About an hour after her account went live, Lewinsky made mention of one of her causes and an appearance she’s making at the Forbes Under 30 summit. The former intern posted, “excited (and nervous) to speak to #Under30Summit”

Speaking at events like this is definitely a way for Monica to ensure she’s keeping her promise to herself, and her fans, about being a more vocal leader on certain issues. Lewinsky has just started to come out from the shadows and into the public spotlight.

Directly after the affair and the near impeachment, Monica chose to keep as low a profile as possible. It has only been the recent year in which Lewinsky has put herself front and center. Perhaps she’s simply realized that she wears a tough enough skin to withstand the general public. She’s also drawn plenty of attention from those who told endless jokes at her expense back in the day. It stands to reason she’s ready for the increased scrutiny. Monica Lewinsky will certainly see more scrutiny now that she’s on Twitter.