Domino’s Pizza Managers Arrested For Burning Down Papa John’s Franchise

If you can’t beat em, burn em to the ground, that was the idea hatched and executed by two Domino’s pizza manager 10 days ago.

The incident occurred in Lake City, Florida when Sean Everett Davidson, 23, confessed to an October 20 arson attack on a competing Papa John’s pizza franchise. One day after arresting Davidson police arrested another manager Bryan David Sullivan, 22, who was also charged with arson.

After being arrested the men admitted to the fire and also said they had built an “ignition” device to start the fire but then decided against using it. Both men say they dismantled the device which included an 8-inch-long clock and 9-volt battery at which point they threw it out a car window while driving down the interstate.

If anyone spots the clock, battery or a small ball of black gunpowder while driving down I-75 in Central Florida they are advised to call 911 immediately and report the exact location of the bomb making hardware. Based on the men’s account of their ignition device specialists from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives say it would likely not explode but instead create a large flash.

According to the Ocala Star-Banner police the men’s motivation was simple, they wanted to increase their own sales figures by eliminating a competitor for as long as possible.

Is this the dumbest criminal story you’ve heard this week?