Ferguson Protesters At Rams Game Tangle With Fans

Michael Brown shooting protesters reportedly spit on fans outside a Rams game, and two Ferguson protesters were arrested. Some eyewitnesses and news accounts state that Mike Brown shooting protesters harassed, screamed, and even punched Rams fans.

Videos of the Ferguson protesters outside of the Rams game quickly appeared online and went viral. In one video related to the Mike Brown shooting by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, a man is heard yelling, “F**k all ya’ll white mother f*****s.”

A tweet by The Justice App about the Ferguson protesters outside of the Rams vs. Seahawks game on Sunday said, “Watch Darren Wilson vs Mike Brown protesters @ The St. Louis Dome after the ‪#‎NFL‬ ‪#‎Rams‬ vs ‪#‎Seahawks‬ game! (Part 1) BLACK WOMEN SPITS ON WHITE MANS FACE, GETS ARRESTED…….PEACEFUL MOM GETS LOCKED UP MOMENTS BEFORE!!!”

A female Michael Brown shooting protester was reportedly arrested just moments after spitting on a Rams fan. A physical altercation ensued when Ferguson protesters struggled to regain possession of an American flag carried by the group outside of the Edward Jones Dome.

The Ferguson protesters reportedly blamed the altercation on a “drunk Rams fan.”

Sean Jordan tweeted, “Protest at Rams game soured towards the end when drunken white fan attacked out group. Guess who got arrested? 2 black protesters.”

One female Rams fan, who was white, said that she was punched in the face by the Mike Brown shooting protesters after she chanted, “Let’s go Rams!”


Alleged game attendee Alice Hife tweeted, “2 people were injured including one woman who was punched in the face after chanting Let’s go Rams to protesters. Peaceful my a*s.”

Approximately 25 people were involved at the Michael Brown shooting protest, according to St. Louis Today. The hashtag #NoJusticeNoFootball has been widely used when coordinating and sharing details about the Ferguson shooting protests at NFL games. Two protesters were arrested after the incident — both were reportedly female and one was a juvenile.