Bruce Jenner Dating Ronda Kamihira — His Ex-Wife’s Bestie

Bruce Jenner and ex-wife Kris Jenner’s long-time best friend and assistant, Ronda Kamihira, are officially a couple, TMZ reports.

Many throughout the years have viewed Kamihira as Kris’ “single white female,” as she appeared to mimic Kris’ appearance, especially her hair, a source told TMZ. Kamihira has been friends with Kris for over 20 years. Both ladies look far younger than their age.

Kamihira is a 51-year-old divorced mom of two. Kamihira’s children, Maddy and Spencer, are extremely close to Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Reports say that Kris is “extremely upset” that Kamihira is dating Jenner, especially since her friend did not tell her about the relationship.

TMZ reports that Kris feels completely betrayed by Ronda Kamihira. Even after Kamihira’s relationship with Jenner became public, Kamihira has yet to speak to Kris about it, and Kris has yet to confront Jenner or Kamihira about the relationship.

Us Weekly reports that Kamihira and the Jenner’s are long-time neighbors in Hidden Hills, California, and spent many holidays together.

Kamihira and Jenner share a strong passion for golf. The couple recently vacationed together at Kardashian family friend Francis’ Punta Mita’s compound, People revealed.

Kamihira and Jenner recently attended an Elton John concert together in Los Angeles. Bruce’s son, Brandon, and his wife, Leah, joined the couple for the concert. After the concert, they dined at Hyde Lounge at the Staples Center.

Back in October of 2013, Us Weekly revealed that Jenner and Kris were splitting up after 22 years of marriage. In September, Kris filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Later the same day, Jenner filed his own papers.

The Mirror reported recently that Kamihira has now been accused of using private sex secrets she got from Kris to seduce Jenner. According to the website, Kamihira used “one-on-one girl talk” to secure her relationship with Jenner.

Jenner and Kamihira’s newly-revealed relationship comes on the heels of Jenner and Kris’ amicable split. Neither Jenner nor Kris had an attorney. Kris actually served the papers to Jenner herself. Neither Jenner nor Kris asked for spousal support, and they agreed on joint custody of their daughter Kylie.

On her divorce papers, Kris listed June 1, 2013 as the date of separation. Around this time, Jenner moved into his bachelor pad in Malibu. It is normal for people to move on to new relationships after divorcing, but Jenner hit far too close to home for Kris. Kris, 57, and Jenner, 63, were married in 1991 and celebrated their 22-years together in April.