Nanny Abusing 1-Year-Old Twins Caught When 8-Year-Old Sibling Intervenes [Video]

Nanny Abuses Twins On-Camera

A nanny abusing twins was caught when their 8-year-old sibling intervened. The incident in Fontana, California, has left a mother battling guilt over the harrowing ordeal her 1-year-old twins endured at the hands of a woman she trusted to take care of them.

Dana Cash, 34, was arrested on suspicion of child abuse after she was captured on-camera violently shaking the twins and putting her hand over their mouths. Cash is currently out on bail.

The mother, who wishes to remain unidentified, speaks with Eyewitness News 7 about the incident her young son alerted her to. She’s grateful that he told her what the nanny had done to his twin sister and brother.

“I praise my son for that. Had he not said anything, I wouldn’t have known,” the mother says.

She says her son “knew it was wrong” over what he’d seen.

The video above shows the nanny mistreating the children while she assumed no one witnessed her actions. The twins’ mother went to to hire a reputable nanny for her children. Her background check was clear, and there wasn’t reason to suspect Cash of anything.

“We went there thinking that we’d find more quality people. I didn’t,” says the mom.

Upon learning that the nanny was abusing her twins, the mother confronted Dana Cash with the video. She shares the reaction she got.

“She puts her head down and says ‘I made a mistake.’ I said, ‘That’s not a mistake. That’s not a mistake you’re allowed to make.’ She was fired. It took all of me not to want to physically hurt her.”

Now the mom feels very much at fault for what happened to her twin son and daughter.

I’m angry inside, and I’m hurt and part of me feels guilty because I hired her.”

Dana Cash was arrested October 2 on suspicion of child abuse, but was released on bail. Authorities say because she’s out on bail, she can still potentially apply for other nanny positions. The only thing authorities can advise at this time is for parents to use caution when looking for care providers for their children. spokesperson Nancy Bushkin issued the statement below after the nanny was discovered abusing the twins.

“We are deeply troubled by this incident and our thoughts are with the family. The safety of the community is of paramount importance to us and we have implemented a number of safety features to help families find quality care providers and create a safe environment for all of our members. We will be reaching out to local authorities to assist them in any way we can.”

[Image via Eyewitness News 7]