Victoria Beckham, Amal Clooney Ranked Among Five Most Powerful Women In London [Video]

When it comes to powerful women in London, Victoria Beckham and Amal Clooney rank in the top five. But it’s not their famous partners or beauty, insist the deciders of the all-important “1,000 power list.” Instead, it’s what they achieved in their careers, announced the Evening Standard, which arbitrates the eagerly awaited annual rankings.

In accordance, the listings included a brief description or title that qualified each individual for the ranking. While Victoria Beckham is described as a “designer and UN goodwill ambassador” at number nine, Amal took the lead among women with the simple notation “barrister.”

But Victoria is also known as a fashion world entrepreneur. The Daily Mail pointed out that she has become an “international fashion mogul.” Beckham recently opened her flagship designer boutique in an upscale area of London. In recognition of the fact that she is married to legendary sports figure David Beckham, soccer fans as well as celebrity followers and designer attire seekers have flocked to the fashionista’s flagship. She discusses her fashion career in the video below.

In addition, Victoria was named the new United Nations International Goodwill Ambassador. Other celebrities with that title include Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, and Leonardo DiCaprio. In her speech at the United Nations in New York, Beckham urged protection for women’s health.

At 40, the former member of the Spice Girls known as Posh is now the mother of four children. And as the Inquisitr reported, Victoria Beckham maintains her fabulous figure with dedication to her diet and exercise.

She runs regularly, and uses a treadmill. Victoria also is a fan of frozen grapes to satisfy her sweet tooth. Beckham insists that the fruits have the same texture as ice cream. In general, however, she follows a low carb diet that consists of steamed white fish and vegetables.

But as Victoria ages, she has become worried about cellulite, sources told the Daily Mail. As a result, her regimen to stay youthful includes a system known as the HYPOXI. This celebrity fitness fad requires exercising on a stationary bike inside an oval pod.

In addition to burning calories, the device involves a vacuum technique. This contraption is designed to cause blood to flow to the lower half of the body, where cellulite often resides. The HYPOXI creators say that the result minimizes cellulite and burns more fat.

In addition, Victoria has created a lot of buzz about her passion for bee pollen. She tweeted her discovery with a photo of the bottle.

“My new thing!! Eat one tsp a day!! Happy Thursday x vb”

Called Virgin Raw Food’s Bee Panacea, the concoctions blends 20 superfoods such as spirulina and chlorella, and herbs such as cinnamon and ginseng. The mixture includes raw royal honey, bee pollen, and royal jelly. The company’s website says it enhances the metabolism while improving digestion and mental clarity.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]