Watch What Happens When Pit Bull Meets Bubbles [Video]

Pit bulls, not unlike cats, end up in some unusual and often humorous situations. Sometimes, it is their owners that put them there. Gremlin was put into this situation with her music video that takes on Taylor Swift’s song “Shake it Off“, The Inquisitr reports.

“The YouTube video of Gremlin the pit bull is from the online network HooplaHa. The series is called Life in the Dog House, and Gremlin is the music video star of this Taylor Swift parody. The information can be found on the Life in the Dog House YouTube Page.”

Before that, there was the Pit bull pup and human pup viral sensation that took the internet by storm. It is hard to say if anything can top Eisleigh and Clydge, but Puppiesway might have just shared one of the most amusing pit bull videos. Here is their explanation of the events that might be next most watched pit bull.

“This Pit bull might seem like one of the toughest dogs on the block, but he has a secret soft side! Whenever he sees bubble he reverts back to a sweet and playful puppy. The transformation is captured in full detail in this sweet and very funny video as the dog turns into a complete spazz over something as simple and innocent as bubbles.”

Apparently, the pit bull’s name is Diesel and he is a huge fan of bubbles. As the video shows, and the Puppiesway explained, the big, scary pit bull turns into a complete goof when his owner starts blowing bubbles into the street. The silly pit bull spins in the air like a top, or not unlike samaras, every time the bubbles go and stops when they stop.

Diesel the pit bull does have his own Facebook page, unlike other well known internet celebrity pits, he does not have quite as many lkes. He does, however, have a part two to his bubble filled acrobatic antics in this video, among other videos. His videos are featured on Pit Bull and Bully Breed Lovers’YouTube page.

According to Active Dog Toys, there is not a single dog that does not love bubbles, so this video should not seem unusual. In fact it is apparently a good toy for a dog. Why? The exercise your pit bull or other dog receives, obviously. However, what you might not have known is that dog toy companies have started to catch on to the canine love of bubbles.

“Luckily there are plenty of bubble blowers designed especially for dogs. There are dog bubble machines that blow giant bubbles or bubble shooters that blow mini bubbles, and lots of fun bubble scents like bacon or chicken.”

Diesel the pit bull proving once more, that his breed is not unlike any other. Especially, if it involves bubbles.

[Image Via YouTube screenshot]