Kate Middleton Spotted In Public 'All Smiles' For First Time In More Than Two Months

Kate Middleton has been well and truly out of the public eye for the best part of two and half months, since news broke that she was suffering from an extreme case of Hyperemesis Gravidarum, also known as morning sickness, which rendered her basically bed-bound and certainly not fit for royal public engagements.

The last time the Duchess was seen in public was August 5, at the poppy instillation at the Tower of London. Since then, she has not been spotted again out and about by the ever-eager cameras of the paparazzi.

But Kate Middleton fans got a glimpse of the Duchess, when she was photographed while out in London recently, and appeared, at least from the snapshots, to be all smiles.

The fact she was seen out of the palace compound at all, let alone smiling and looking her old self again, has left many people speculating that as she exits her first trimester she is suffering way less from the morning sickness and may just be able to make the numerous royal public engagements that are lined up for her this month.

Since August 5, Kate Middleton has been forced to cancel a number of engagements, including her first solo tour to Malta, which she was reportedly devastated to have missed. But with the daily vomiting and general feeling of ill-health, Kate simply could't attend to her royal duties and needed a lot of medical attention from palace doctors.

Kate was seen and snapped with William on October 15, leaving the office of Dr. Alan Farthing, whom they went to meet with regarding her pregnancy, after dark in the pouring rain. But as she was smiling reporters have concluded that the meeting was successful and that all is good in the palace.

Obviously due to morning sickness symptoms that Kate Middleton suffered from while pregnant with Prince George, and now with her new baby, speculation has been rife suggesting that she won't be looking to get pregnant for a third time, despite the fact she and William have said previously that they want three or four children who are close in age.