Heather Dubrow Slams Teresa Giudice: Is Bravo ‘Harboring A Criminal’?

Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow feels that Teresa Giudice should “step away from the cameras” and end her five-year stint as a cast member on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

E! Online reports that when Dubrow was asked if she thinks Bravo will allow Teresa to continue to film the show, she stated that it would be like harboring a criminal.

“If there was a Bravo executive who pled guilty to 41 counts of fraud, would they keep them on the payroll? Isn’t [Teresa] a Bravo employee? At some point, are we harboring a criminal?”

Heather, who spoke about Teresa while on The Melting Pot on iHeartRadio, stated that she “felt terrible” about the Giudice’s children and family. However, she lost her compassion for Teresa when she saw her talk to Andy Cohen on the Watch What Happens Live special that aired the day after Teresa and her husband, Joe were both sentenced to serve time in jail.

“I don’t know them, I feel terrible for their children and their family. However, they did these things. They pled guilty. I loved when Teresa said I’m gonna do whatever I can to make it right but then I saw her on Andy Cohen’s show last week and to me, there was no remorse.”

Heather told The Melting Pot hosts that “even on the day of the sentencing” the Giudices “didn’t tell the court all their assets,” something she thinks had a big impact on the the judges sentencing decision.

There have been countless rumors that Teresa is not going to return to the show after she serves her 15 month sentence in federal prison. E! reports that the RHONJ star even alluded to this during the upcoming reunion show, telling host Andy Cohen, “this is probably going to be my last reunion.”

However, with a massive debt to pay off to creditors and three houses that are sitting on the market with no interested buyers, it’s likely that Giudice told Andy that she wasn’t coming back purely for the drama-factor. It surely won’t come as a surprise to most fans if Teresa signs a contract for Season 7 prior to leaving for jail and starts filming again she finishes serving her sentence.

The only thing that could stop Teresa from staying on as a housewife would be Bravo firing her, something that RHOC star Heather Dubrow seems to think should happen to the convicted felon. But is there even a chance that Bravo will fire the long-time reality star? Her legal issues have certainly drawn attention to the show, so it’s possible that Bravo may decide to bring her back for Season 7 purely for the ratings.

[Images: All About RH, Twitter]