Jessica Alba’s Baby Products Company Is Getting Ready To Go Public

While getting ready to have her first child, Jessica Alba tested a name brand baby detergent and a rash broke out on her skin. The detergent Alba was looking at was said to be mild, but the reaction she had to it wasn’t.

Alba,33, is especially concerned about chemicals and toxins in baby care products because she was frequently hospitalized with asthma and other illnesses as a child. This concern for children lead to her help create The Honest Company, which Alba says is a “trustworthy lifestyle brand” that creates products that are non-toxic, affordable and easy to find.

Jessica Alba’s quest to create The Honest Co. began in 2007, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The company started selling products like diapers, baby powder and body wash in 2012. Their products can be found online, but they also have a presence in stores like Target, Nordstrom and Whole Foods.

Although Alba’s company has only been selling its line of eco-friendly, non-toxic baby, household and personal care products for just over two years, the company is already valued at just over $1 billion and is looking to launch an IPO soon. The company Alba helped founded now has over 200 employees who work to put its products in the hands of consumers who want safer products for their children and themselves.

The Daily Mail reports Alba’s business is expected to make more than $150 million in 2014, which is three times what it made the year before. Over 80 percent of the earnings Alba’s company makes comes from customers who have products delivered to them on a monthly basis, such as diapers and other baby items.

Jessica admits it is hard to find time to take care of a business, act in movies and be a mom to her two daughters, Honor, 6, and Haven, 3. Alba has four movies scheduled for release this year, but she says her kids’ are her first concern.

“It’s an imperfect balance and I am not sure if I do it very well. I spend most of my time at the office, but my kids’ health and wellbeing is my priority. I talk to my [business] partners about my responsibility with my children.”

Alba claims she uses products sold by The Honest Co. in her own beauty regimen as reported in the Inquisitr. Alba says her skin gets its glow from the Face and Body Lotion, which is a vegan, hypoallergenic product made for those with sensitive skin. The product reflects Alba’s idea that the products should be affordable as it only costs $10.

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