Got a couple of iPad 2’s then you have a Halloween costume

While the idea of having an iPad 2 that you are willing to apply duct tape to is one thing but how about taking two of them and making it look like you have a gaping hole in the middle of your torso – sort of.

Courtesy of a guy by the name of Mark we get this quickie, albeit rather expensive Halloween costume using nothing more that two iPad 2’s, duct tape, and some red liquid for color and effect.

I went to a Halloween party tonight and had tried out my costume idea of using 2 iPads with a Facetime chat to make it look like I had a huge hole in my stomach. Everyone was seriously going nuts and 2 people said it was “the coolest thing I’ve ever seen”. I thought your readership might appreciate it especially if they still don’t have a costume ;)

This idea is 100% original as far as I know and I came up with it as soon as I saw the iPad2 had Facetime.

via Geeks are Sexy