Rumors Persist That Nina Pham’s Boyfriend Is ‘Secretly’ Hospitalized With Ebola

Nurse Nina Pham’s boyfriend is rumored to be hospitalized with Ebola-like symptoms according to The Epoch Times. Several employees at Alcon in Ft. Worth, Texas tweeted about a fellow employee, possibly Pham’s boyfriend, being quarantined. Now there are concerns that he is being secretly treated for the virus.

The nurse’s boyfriend was quarantined due to Pham contracting the virus and many feel that he isn’t being quarantined just as a precaution, there is speculation that he may be infected with Ebola. Got News‘ sources state that Alcon issued a company-wide email that stated Pham’s boyfriend was admitted to the hospital with symptoms and was “in quarantine.” It is believed that the nurse’s boyfriend works at Alcon’s headquarters in Fort Worth, but it is not clear what position he holds there.

Several people tweeted about Nina Pham’s boyfriend after the Alcon letter was released, but the tweets were later removed.

“@ScottGordonNBC5 are y’all not going to report about Nina’s boyfriend that works at Alcon in FORT WORTH who was admitted for Ebola symptoms?” — Kylie Turner (@kylieforeverb) October 13, 2014″

“So, parents work at Alcon and so does Nina Pham’s boyfriend.. He’s now in quarantine — Nicole Schneider (@tcubroad) October 14, 2014”

Nurse Pham was the first person to contract Ebola in the U.S. after treating Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian who died from Ebola on Oct. 8 at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. She is currently under the care of doctors at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda, Maryland. The head of the hopital, Dr. Anthony Fauci, stated on Sunday that Pham is in “fair condition.”

“She (is) in fair condition.”She is resting comfortably, She is interacting with the staff. She is eating. We fully intend to have this patient walk out of this hospital.”

As far as the rumors that Pham’s boyfriend has Ebola, that has not been confirmed. The Christian Post states that her boyfriend is reportedly quarantined, and the Alcon email indicates that he was “showing signs of the virus,” but there is no confirmation at this time that he has been diagnosed with Ebola.