WWE: Rusev And Lana Out Of Character Will Blow Your American Minds! [Gallery]

For the longest time in the WWE, Vince McMahon and his writers have tried their hardest to make sure that wrestlers stick to script both in and out of their professional careers. This practice is known in the business as “kayfabe,” However, whenever any of the wrestlers express themselves outside of their characters, it is such a big deal, since most of the WWE Universe never really get to see the man or woman behind the character.

The Inquisitr however reported on times when certain WWE superstars stepped out of character, which mostly happens on Total Divas. One such example is Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s finanical problems in which Daniel had to put Brie on financial probation. However, if money does become tight, Brie can always strip right?

Nevertheless, one pair in the WWE nobody would expect to see break character is Rusev and Lana. Utilizing the “United States vs. Russia” angle to build up their characters, it is apparent that both of them are quite over. Yet if the WWE Universe saw these two – probably the most over heels in the WWE right now – outside of character, how would the fans react? Luckily for all of them and for you, we have found social pictures that may show how they are out of the ring. The thing that may blow fan’s American minds is how American both of them are as well!

According to articles by SE Scoops and 24Wrestling, Rusev (Real Name: Miroslav Barnyashev) and Lana (Real Name: Catherine Joy “C.J.” Perry) are dating in real life. Believe it or not, both of them have been together since their time in NXT, which I mostly remember as a time when Rusev had shorter hair and smiled. Back on subject, one thing that the WWE Universe may not know is that Lana is actually American. She’s a Floridian and graduated from Florida State. As a matter of fact, she is one of the “Florida State Cowgirls,” which she parlayed into a modeling career.

With so much participation in American culture, Lana is the perfect host to break in some classic American living with Rusev and not just because they are dating. Just check out some of the pictures of the couple from Rant Sports below and see for yourself! Just so you know, they love sports!

[Images via C.J. Perry’s Instagram]