Britney Spears Halloween Costume Inappropriate For A Grown Man? That’s Nothing Compared To What This Teacher Did To His Students

Britney Spears in the “Baby One More Time” video, a naughty French maid — no, these are not Halloween costume suggestions for sorority sisters or teenage girls. Instead, they are the public signs of a very private sex abuse scandal now being revealed at Brookyln Tech High School. The man in question, 44-year-old Sean Shaynak, has been accused in a 36-count indictment, including kidnapping, criminal sex acts, obscenity, forcible touching, and unlawful imprisonment. His victims are about the age of Britney in the video he portrayed — 13- to 19-years-old.

Shaynak’s career at Brookyln Tech is a strange one apart from his skimpy Spears costume. Sean began teaching at the school with only five months of substitute experience, reportedly because the principal, Randy Asher, wanted to use him to begin a much-lauded aerospace program. Because of this, other staff members say that the professor was often let off the hook for strange indiscretions — even things like a 44-year-old man who decided to be Britney for Halloween. In fact, one anonymous staffer told The New York Post that Asher often referred to Shaynak as the school’s “most valuable teacher.”

“That gave him free rein. They turned a blind eye to his indiscretions.”

Staff have also described other strange incidents. While Sean didn’t win any awards dressed as Spears, he did for his French maid costume. He accepted the honor by “flashing his rear end.” Other teachers say that he was constantly surrounded by attractive female students, sometimes making staff uncomfortable to see Shaynak with them.

“They looked like a couple… [but I] figured “nobody could be that stupid.”

Staff were also shocked by Sean’s violent outbursts. They reported that he once yelled at a student, “Can you read, or are you f***ing blind?”

“He taught garbage but gave grades in the high 90s, so no one complained.”

What the former instructor is accused of is even more horrifying. Shaynak reportedly kidnapped a student and forced her to accompany him to a strip club, threatening to tell her parents what had happened if she dared to say anything. More perversion was uncovered when the police went through his personal computer, finding bestiality pornography involving goats, horses, and dogs. According to Gothamist, he is currently under a $1 million bail, though he is still receiving his salary.

What would your reaction have been if your child’s teacher showed up in French maid and Britney Spears costumes at school events?

[Image via Brookyln Tech High School]