The Twittersphere Reacts To ‘People’ Headline That Ebola Duncan Was A Compassionate Man

Ebola Duncan Compassionate?

The first person in the U.S. to die from Ebola was buried Saturday. People reports that Thomas Eric Duncan was remembered as a “caring, compassionate man.” His family and friends say that it was his kindness in helping a pregnant neighbor that ultimately led to his death. It is apparent from the Twittersphere and social media that many people do not see it that way, instead blasting his actions as anything but compassionate.

According to Weasel Zippers, the characterization of Duncan as compassionate could be true, “[e]xcept for that small problem of knowingly placing thousands of lives in danger.” A scroll through the numerous comments made on the article reveal that all but one commenter disagree that Duncan was compassionate, with statements like these from ed357, Werewolf, and MCnNC.

“People Mag are you talking about ‘Patient Zer0″……’Ebola Eric’? Are you stupid?”

“This man was nothing but a careless fool who’s own selfish lies put him and potentially many others in the ground. You can equate him to an HIV+ scumbag who had unprotected sex with a bunch of women and didn’t tell them. There’s no difference.”

“He needs to be remembered the same way Typhoid Mary of the early 1900’s is remembered, with disgust. She was a cook that never washed her hands and he knew he was contagious but still traveled to spread the disease. Disgusting!”

There is little more sympathy for Duncan’s brand of compassion on Twitter.

As The Inquisitr has previously reported, if Duncan had lived, he faced charges in his homeland of Liberia for lying about his having been in contact with people with the Ebola virus.

What do you think? Was Thomas Eric Duncan a caring man whose compassion led to him becoming the victim of a horrible disease, or did his actions of lying and flying to another country to infect nurses and expose countless others to Ebola negate any compassion that he may have shown in his life? Let us know in the comments.