New Psoriasis Drug Shows Promise [Study]

A new drug currently in the experimental stages is showing promise over older forms of treatment. According to researchers the new drug is so effective that in some cases it appears to be keeping psoriasis out of the picture for good.

Speaking of the drugs progress Dr. Kristian Reich, professor of dermatology at Georg-August-University in Gottingen, Germany says:

“This is unheard of … We in dermatology have never spoken about remission before. But with this drug, the word ‘remission’ is on the table.”

Published in the New England Journal of Medicine the study included more than 300 people with psoriasis who were given either the experimental treatment of briakinumab, or a commonly used drug, methotrexate. In cases where Briakinumab was used symptoms were reduced by 75 percent in more than 80 percent of patients, that number compares to just 40 percent for users who took methotrexate.

Researchers followed up with patients one year later and nearly 60 percent of briakinumad users had no skin lesions while only 20 percent of methotrexate users had no lesions.

The drug isn’t without it’s own problems including some severe side effects. Researchers found that briakinumad provides 9 percent of users with side effects compared with only 6 percent of methotrexate users. Among those side effects was an increased cancer risk which researchers are still trying to define.

In the meantime to help reduce psoriasis patients are asked to eat a healthy diet, avoid stress, watch out of allergies and avoid cuts and scrapes, all of which can trigger an outbreak.

Do you have any tips that you use to help fend off your own bouts of psoriasis?