First Instance Of Islamic State Sympathizer Threatening U.S. Soldier Reported In Florida

Islamic State

Earlier this year, The Inquisitr reported on how the Islamic State – still known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) back then – sent out an order to all their sympathizers and “lone wolves” in the United States. The order was to find where U.S. military personnel in the army, navy, marines, air force, or any branch live and to slaughter them. Because of the graveness of the situation, the report was run twice to help spread the word.

For awhile, there wasn’t any news of any Islamic State sympathizers actually following up on the order. However, there are now reports of a U.S. soldier who received death threats at his home. It is also suspected the threats came from an Islamic State sympathizer too.

According to an article by Wounded American Warrior through the The Blaze and followed up by ETH, Brian Kolfage contributed details of the first report instance of a direct threat at a serviceman’s home. Kolfage explains that one of his friends, who happens to be prior Air Force Security Forces who transitioned into the Army, received two death threats on his residence outside of Miami in Palm Beach County. It is suspected the threats came from an Islamic State sympathizer.

The threat was found on October 9, 2014 by the soldier’s wife. She was going outside to check the mail when she cam upon a handwritten note that stated “Die 11/11/14.” When she walked back up the driveway to get back inside, she noticed another message this time written on the house. It read “11/11/14.” What is important to know about the date is that it falls on Veterans Day, a day we celebrate all the people who had served in our military.

(If you wish to see images of the original notes, you may do so at The Blaze.)

Police were notified of the situation and believe the threat to be “credible.” Now, they provide routine checks of the residence but the soldier and his wife don’t feel safe in their home anymore.

At this moment, there is no further news about the situation of the soldier and the Islamic State sympathizer death threats he received. However, the soldier wanted to leave a statement about the situation because he feels as if the people aren’t as active as they should be about it.

“We know they [Islamic State] are here but the country is taking a watch and see approach to the matter and they are too quick to dismiss the possibility of terrorism in the country.”

What are your views about the first instance of an Islamic State sympathizer threatening the lives of an American soldier and his wife at their home? Do you agree with the soldier that Americans in general are taking this threat with a watch and see approach? Sound off and let everyone know what you believe below.