Easy And Affordable Fall Decorating Tips To Warm Up Your Home For Autumn

A new season is always the perfect time to do a little updating to your decor. Fall is certainly no different, and you don’t need to be Martha Stewart to recreate these fall decorating ideas in your own home. And even better – all the tips are affordable, as well.

To begin with, you may want to consider simply switching out (or adding in) pillows and throw blankets in colors that are more reflective of fall. Think in warm colors, such as spice red or a rustic pumpkin color. Deep jewel tones of purple, royal blue and sangria are also popular this fall. Adding more blankets and pillows for fall seems natural; after all, as the weather cools, rooms should become more cozy to reflect that change. New York Designer Tricia Foley recommends finding throws not just with different colors, but different textures, as well. “Toss a blanket in a room to warm a home—and you—in less than a minute,” says Foley.

Try creating centerpieces and arrangements with what you have available, such as brightly-colored fall foliage. A simple arrangement of branches with leaves brings the outside in. Play it up with other fall materials such as acorns and dried berries, and add texture with bits of twine.


You can also experiment with wrapping inexpensive glass votive holders in different textures and materials. Try trimming moistened corn husks to fit around a votive holder, then hold the husks in place with raffia. Add your own touch of decoration, such as a natural-looking feather or dried flowers or herbs for a warm, natural look for fall. Votives can also get a leafy-look, also perfect for fall. Simply tie fall leaves around the votive holders with string or twine. It is recommended, though, that you use artificial leaves and battery-powered candles for safety reasons.

You can also showcase fall materials in clear glass containers. Think Indian corn kernels, unshelled nut mixes, acorns or even candy corn poured into an inexpensive clear glass container. Place a candle in there, as well, for added warmth and appeal.

You could also use mason jars in place of either votive holders or clear glass containers in any of those projects for a rustic look.


And all those amazing gourds available at every pumpkin patch for next-to-nothing every fall? In addition to simply making a tablescape with them, look at them as natural, seasonal vases. They come in so many sizes and colors, and by simply cutting a hole big enough to hold a few florist tubes, you can create a unique vase inspired by fall. Try using flowers in colors associated with fall, as well, such as mums and black-eyed Susans.


And here’s a creative idea for old candle holders. Spray paint them black for a unified look, then place small pumpkins and mini-gourds on top, instead of candles.

There are many ways to celebrate fall through decor – color, texture, and added warmth. And with nature providing so many of the materials for free, you should really consider taking advantage of some of these great ideas for fall decor!

And while you are decorating your home for fall, make sure you keep yourself seasonal, as well, with these fall beauty tips.

[Images via The Glitter Guide, Midwest Living and The Barache Group]