Drunk Driver Thinks She’s Parking At A Bar, Ends Up Behind Jail Bars!

drunk driver

It is mostly known that some of the most humorous crimes usually center around people who frequent the bars or any place of that nature. Most of us agree the reason for such comedy has a lot to do with how well someone can hold their liquor.

For most, it isn’t very well and they end up making fools out of themselves. The Inquisitr reported on such odd news pertaining to drunks coming from bars too. There was a report in which a man would make his eight-year-old son drive him home from the bar if he became too wasted. And for a more popular angle, Anna Faris embarrassed herself in front of Warren Beatty thanks to her drunkenness.

Now, there are reports of a drunk woman who drove to a bar hoping to get a drink most likely. However, she was so wasted that she did not realize that she actually drove someplace she shouldn’t have; the parking lot of a police station and jailhouse.

According to M Live and followed up by The Blaze, a Hartford woman was arrested early Sunday morning for allegedly driving drunk. She pulled into a parking lot thinking it was for a bar but was really for the Van Buren County Jail. Police have stated the 39-year-old woman pulled in at the office located at 205 S. Kalamazoo St. shortly after 2 a.m. Patrol units on duty observed the woman as she began backing up in the parking lot while trying to convince her boyfriend to join her in the vehicle.

A deputy then made contact with the driver discovering she had the heavy odor of intoxicants and appeared to be driving under the influence of alcohol. A breathalyzer test revealed this to be fact as the woman had a BAC of more than twice the legal limit of 0.08.

Eventually, the woman would admit to the police that she had just left a bar in town and thought she was pulling up into the parking lot of another bar when she arrived at the sheriff’s office. Currently, she is being held at the Van Buren County Jail and is expected to face charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated with a high BAC. This means her BAC was 0.17 or higher.

What are your views and opinions of the drunken woman who ironically pulled up to the parking lot of a jailhouse while still intoxicated? Do you find it to be ironic or poetic justice? Sound off and let everyone know in the comments below.