Michael Moore Makes Insensitive Ebola Tweets At Texas And Pro-Lifers, Reactions Causing Internet War

Michael Moore Gun Violence

One of the loudest and most prominent voices for the Democratic side of government is Michael Moore. Known for his directing, Moore is responsible for such documentaries as Fahrenheit 9/11, Bowling for Columbine, and Sicko. However, The Inquisitr has kept up with news on Moore over the years outside of his filmmaking accolades. Despite being left-wing, he has shown a lot of disdain for Barack Obama, in which he said the only thing people will remember about his run is that he was black. Moore also threw jabs at Obamacare, in which he generally said it was “awful.”

Now Michael Moore is back in the hot seat again for his statements, this time on Twitter. Apparently, he took to social media to write some scathingly insensitive tweets pertaining to the Ebola panic. He also took the time to attack both the state of Texas and pro-lifers in the process.

According to an article by Mediaite, Michael Moore took to Twitter on Thursday morning to slam conservatives for what he believes is their role in exacerbating the Ebola outbreak. Those on his finger-pointing hit list includes the NRA, Texas Governor Rick Perry, congressional Republicans, Wall Street banks, and many others.

The first Twitter rants — shown below — express Michael Moore’s criticism of Texas’s healthcare resources, in which he attacked the state itself through its education.

Michael Moore followed up by attacking Texas Governor Rick Perry before moving on to Wall Street bankers, who he blames the health agencies’ budget cuts due to the economic recession of 2008.

As stated earlier in this article, these are Michael Moore’s more civil tweets on social media. However, the ones that The Blaze attached in their report were more sarcastic and insensitive. Once again, Moore is ripping apart Texas, but he also includes pro-lifers (anti-abortion) in his tweets.

It also seems as though Michael Moore threw a jab at religion too, especially Christianity and/or Judaism, with his evolution remark about Adam and Eve riding dinosaurs.

What do you think about Michael Moore’s tweets? Were they funny to you? Were they harsh? Sound off and let everyone know in the comments below.