Dramatic Rescue Caught On Tape: Man Saved From Burning House [Video]

A dramatic fire rescue was caught on tape in Fresno, California.

In the video, you see a fire consuming a garage and home. People can be seen trying to extinguish or calm the fire with water hoses as they wait for the fire department to arrive. However, in the background, you hear a woman yelling that “my dad is in there!” and to “call 911.” The woman filming the incident was Beth Lederach of Clovis. Lederach told The Fresno Bee that she felt helpless. However, at the 0:48 mark, we see a calm man enter into the frame wearing a blue hat. He walks past the camera towards the home.

Shortly after at the 1:12 mark, you see the flames erupt causing people to scatter. However, the man in the blue hat is nowhere to be seen in the chaos. There is a good reason we don’t see him, he has entered the home to rescue the stranded man. At the 1:28 mark, we see the heroic man enter back into the frame, this time carrying a dazed man on his shoulder.

It isn’t until the 4:15 mark on the video that we see the fire department finally arrive. It is evident by the growing blaze in the background that the man trapped inside the home would not have made it had the mystery man in blue not stepped in to save the day. The name of the rescued man and the hero have not been released at this time.


Many commenters on the video note how many people are standing around with no one willing to make the rescue. Some wonder why the cameras were even rolling when a person was potentially being burned to death inside the home. What do you think? Would you run into a burning building to save another person’s life?