Wait Until You Hear Why This Police Officer Allowed Cars To Blow Through A Speed Trap [Video]

One YouTube user was listening to a local police scanner when he heard something that he just had to record. While listening to the scanner, the person noticed that a discussion was taking place over why so many cars were speeding. What was discussed blew the person’s mind so he decided to record it.

The video was described as taking place on Highway 2 outside of Wenatchee, Washington.

“Caught this today on Highway 2 just out of Wenatchee. WSP had their aircraft up to catch speeders in the 60 mph section of Hwy 2. Apparently there was a “DRE” drug recognition expert conference up in Lake Chelan today — so the WSP plane caught several marked and unmarked (and a motorcycle) doing well above the speed limit (26mph over in at least once case). The aircraft stopped calling out the speeds until ground units would confirm they were or were not a police car. If they were a police car they didn’t get stopped. Watch the video and see what you think. Seems like the Washington State Patrol is okay with officers driving 20+ mph over the limit when not responding to any call or emergency.”

In the video you hear the aircraft controller discussing a number of vehicles going at high rates of speed, at one point noting a vehicle was going 26 miles over the posted speed limit of 60 mph. However, he was told to essentially ignore it because they were police officers on the way to a drug recognition conference they were late for.

What do you think of the double-standard? The police officers weren’t on the way to an emergency situation or responding to a call — they were simply late. Many are saying this is unfair and proves that law enforcement officers don’t think the laws apply to them.

What do you think? Does the recording of the speed trap conversation surprise you?