Ebola ‘Hysteria’ Well-Founded, It’s The ‘Fearless’ We Have To Worry About

Ebola 'Hysteria' May Be Our Last Hope

Ebola “hysteria” is all over the internet these days. Social media, news reports, TV broadcasts. President Obama is telling us not to panic. So is the CDC.

Both portions of our government are hoping that you don’t get carried away with yourself and freak out if you get the sniffles or wind up on the toilet because you ate one too many jalapeños.

We don’t need people inundating our emergency rooms and frightening those around them. Keep calm and ignore the Ebola virus. Your chances of getting it are very low. More people die from the flu each year than Ebola. And the “reassurances” go on and on and on.

Well, friends, I’m one of the people they’re warning you about, and I’m proud of that fact. You might even say I’m guilty of spreading Ebola hysteria. And worst of all?

I’m doing it with a clean conscience. I’m not doing it for page views or attention or because I like to see people panic. No, I’m doing it because it’s our best chance of beating this thing.

At every turn, our government has been wrong about Ebola. A so-called “expert” was interviewed by NPR and asked what the chances were of a second case once Thomas Eric Duncan was diagnosed at a Dallas hospital.

He said “zero.” But as one Redditor points out, “he did not account for the pure ineptitude that we specialize in these days.”

Here’s the problem with the “keep calm” crowd. They’re not holding their government accountable. They keep regurgitating the same “facts” on Ebola that are being supplied to us by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — the very people who botched this in the first place.

This is the same organization that allowed Nina Pham and Amber Vinson and around 70 other healthcare workers who had direct contact with Duncan to go about their lives after treating him.

Pham and Vinson currently have Ebola. Pham’s boyfriend is in quarantine. Vinson was allowed to travel from Dallas to Cleveland and back where she exposed at least 800 people to the potential of catching the deadly disease.

The “numbers being monitored” are always growing, and the supposed “quarantines” that have been implemented have been non-mandatory, which sort of defeats the purpose of a quarantine.

The CDC has left it up to any points of contact to quarantine themselves. In cases such as that of Axl Goode, the young man who was on the same plane with a symptomatic Amber Vinson — he wouldn’t even be in a quarantine if he hadn’t done it to himself.

The CDC’s attitude has been, “Yeah, sure, whatever, sounds like a good idea.” They have used zero authority in trying to track and monitor the possible cases.

As for the whole “more people die from the flu argument” — yes, more people die from the flu. But that’s because they’re very young or very old or their routine health has been compromised in some way.

Ebola hasn’t killed as many people because it’s been isolated in one specific part of the world (until now) and it’s never jumped across oceans to large urban populations.

Since January, the conservative number of deaths has been about 400 percent more than what it was the previous 40 years since its discovery, and the people who compile such numbers — the World Health Organization (WHO) — admit the number could be much higher due to difficulty tracking.

In other words, Ebola is out of control. It’s clearly easier to catch than the CDC has let on. And its arrival in the U.S. is unprecedented.

Ebola hysteria exists because of all these facts, and at this point, it’s the only way for the public to put pressure on the people who are supposed to be protecting us but aren’t.

So throw this op-ed into the growing list of headlines calling for Ebola hysteria. We need it at this point because in terms of protection, we’re not getting much else.

If we contain it and few are infected and even fewer die and a medical company comes up with a cure, feel free to call me a lunatic or crazy. That’s a title I’ll gladly wear if it gets the president and the CDC off their butts so something can be done to protect the American people. That’s why I freak out over Ebola, and it’s why you should be freaking out, too.

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