Russian Submarine Crippled Near Stockholm, Sweden? Russia’s Military Deny Mayday Radio Call

A Russian submarine that was allegedly on a secret mission near Stockholm, Sweden, has apparently run into trouble because Swedish authorities intercepted a distress call in Russian. But Russia’s defense ministry is claiming that none of their Russian submarines are in trouble.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the new Russian submarine design, the Amur 1650, is going to be given to China as part of a larger deal involving raw materials, weapons, and economic treaties. It’s alleged by some experts that Vladimir Putin has a twisted fantasy involving Russia’s nuclear weapons, and it’s even claimed that Russian nuclear missiles may be aimed at U.S. bases in Australia.

The Russian submarine near Stockholm, Sweden, was reported earlier this week based upon “foreign underwater activity” detected in the Stockholm archipelago. According to Captain Jonas Wikström, Swedish military personnel began searching for the potential Russian submarine incursion, which was believed to be replacing old spy equipment or monitoring Swedish naval exercises in the area.

“We consider the information we received as very trustworthy. I, as head of operations, have therefore decided to increase the number of units in the area.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the presence of a Russian submarine was seemingly confirmed when radio broadcasts were triangulated to have come from Kaliningrad, the home port for Russia’s Baltic Sea fleet.

“Friday night signal intelligence once again intercepted radio communication. This time it was encrypted but it was possible to determine the position of the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter was situated somewhere in Kanholmsfjärden in the archipelago of Stockholm, and the receiver was situated in Kaliningrad, Russia.”

The Russian submarine is believed to be suffering from mechanical problems, and may even be crippled or damaged, based upon reports. The distress signal was sent out on an emergency radio frequency. and it’s claimed the speakers used the Russian language.

Russian Submarine

But the Russian defense ministry denies reports that one of their Russian submarines is anywhere near Sweden.

“Russia’s submarines, like the surface ships, have been following their tasks in the world’s oceans according to the plan,” said a Russian defense ministry spokesman according to the Daily Mail. “There have not been any emergencies or accidents with the Russian military vessels.”

Even the Swedish government is not willing to confirm that they are looking for a Russian submarine.

“The Swedish Armed Forces are not in a position to deny or verify media news or speculations recently published about a missing foreign submarine,” said Erik Lagersten, Director for Communication and Public Affairs of the Swedish Armed Forces, according to Reuters. “At the moment we are conducting an intelligence operation in the archipelago of Stockholm with optical reconnaissance as well as with naval vessels equipped with qualified underwater sensors… to establish if there are or has been foreign underwater activities in the area.”

Sweden Visby

According to BBC News, a Visby-class Swedish corvette is equipped with anti-submarine technology, and has joined the helicopters and amphibious troops in their hunt for the potentially damaged Russian submarine. This event is considered Sweden’s largest military mobilization since the end of the Cold War.