Ronda Kamihira, Bruce Jenner Scandal: Is Kris Jenner Hiding Behind A Smile?

Kris Jenner

Ronda Kamihira is the new woman in Bruce Jenner’s life. The pair stepped out together just weeks after Kris Jenner filed for divorced from Bruce. Reports have surfaced that Kris is devastated by the new relationship, but Kris is sticking to business as usual in public. Kris Jenner shared a photo of herself copies of her new cookbook on Instagram on Saturday night. The reality star is smiling in the candid photo. Is Kris Jenner showing a strong face for the public?

Ronda Kamihira and Kris Jenner were close friends. Kamihira has worked with Jenner for the last 20 years as her personal assistant. Over that time, Jenner and Kamihira have become quite close, and Kris even shared some personal secrets about her and Bruce’s relationship with Kamihira. Sources close to Kris have spoken to Hollywood Life about how Kris feels about Ronda Kamihira dating Bruce Jenner so soon after their split.

“This has got to be one of the biggest blows to Kris in her life. She feels completely duped by Ronda. It’s complete and utter betrayal. It hurts badly because Ronda was one of her best friends, especially when she was contemplating filing for divorce from Bruce. Ronda was also one of the first to know Bruce was moving out.”

The source went on to describe Kris’ thoughts on Bruce’s betrayal. Kris Jenner is so upset with her former husband that she “could strangle” him. Inquisitr recently reported that Ronda was not only a close friend to Kris Jenner, but Kamihira was close to the entire family. Kris and Ronda lived next door to each other, and their children are close. During their 20-year long friendship, Kris shared about her sex life with Ronda, and Kamihira used those talks to lure Bruce into her bed.

However, Kris does seem to be focusing on business as usual during this Ronda Kamihira development. Her cookbook, In the Kitchen with Kris, is set for release on Tuesday. The book signing was to promote that release. The reality star has made no mention of the scandal on her Twitter or other social media accounts, but it is likely the scandal will pop up on a future episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Her focus in recent days has been on book release.

Kris Jenner filed for divorce after months of speculation over Bruce Jenner and a sex change. Bruce’s appearance has changed drastically in recent months. However, this does shed new light on all of that speculation. If Bruce is dating Ronda, what does that mean for all those sex change reports?

Is it surprising that Bruce has now moved on to date Ronda Kamihira? Are the reports claiming that Kris Jenner is upset over the new development true? On the other hand, is Kris hiding her feelings with a smile as she focuses on business as usual?

[Photo: Kris Jenner Instagram]