‘Revenge’ Spoilers For Season 4, Episode 4 Show: Emily Sees Her Father Again

Sunday night Revenge fans finally get the moment everybody has been anxious to see: Emily and her father reunite, at least in a sense. Naturally this is not necessarily a smooth and loving reunion, however. What Revenge spoilers are available for the October 19 episode?

The official synopsis via TV Guide teases that Emily is “completely jolted” by a recent and unexpected revelation, certainly the news that her father is alive. They will come face-to-face in the season 4, episode 4 show titled “Meteor,” but it seems it may set the stage for some very complicated emotions.

Revenge spoilers from E! Online reveal Emily’s stunning moment. Her father, David Clarke, is looking rough in a police line-up, but Emily still realizes just who he is. Jack also now learns that David is alive, as he is with Emily when the realization hits.

Of course, after all that has happened and all the years that have passed, David is not the man Emily remembers. Viewers have already seen this, but it will be a process for Emily to wrap her head around it all. This is said to be a game-changer for the show, as now she has to figure out what her life is now that her father is alive and back.

Victoria still has a hand in what’s going on with David, and she continues to manipulate him in Sunday’s episode. It is clear from the Revenge spoiler previews and photos released that the return of David Clarke stuns and distresses Emily. While he may have been happy to meet Charlotte, the reunion with Emily is far more complicated.

As fans know, Victoria has led David to believe that Emily is a threat to the family, thus his heading to the mansion in the last episode. Did he realize who she is? Many fans think he indeed did, and viewers will get a better idea on that front in Sunday’s episode.

What does Charlotte do next in regards to her father and her sister? How will Nolan react and figure in to it all? Nolan will be with Emily as she leaves the police station after recognizing her father, and he looks pretty stunned as well in the Revenge spoiler photos shared by Hypable.

Jack and Nolan are both trying to figure out how this all fits together as Emily tries to hold it all together. What comes next for everybody mixed up in this one? Fans will have to tune in to find out. The season 4, episode 4 show of Revenge titled “Meteor” airs Sunday, October 19 on ABC.

[Image via Critics At Large]