Kate Middleton: Pregnant Duchess Will Host Christmas Party For Her Family This Year

Holiday plans are already in the works for the royal family, and it’s been revealed that Kate Middleton will host a Christmas party for her family in Norfolk. Prince William and pregnant Duchess Kate will entertain the Middletons at their mansion for the 2014 Christmas holiday.

The Independent reports the good news amid Kate’s difficult pregnancy. She and the prince will spend time with Michael, Carole, Pippa, and James Middleton on Christmas day. Later on, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will eat lunch with the Queen at Sandringham House. The Middletons will remain at the Norfolk home while William and Kate are with the other royals. The report goes on to say that it’s not that the Middletons are being snubbed. A royal insider reveals why they aren’t attending.

“The Queen is fond of Kate and doesn’t mean to exclude her family – indeed she has broken many of the old rules for them in the past.

“But if all of her children and grandchildren’s wives had their families to lunch, there wouldn’t be enough room, even at Sandringham House’s dining room.”

In other news surrounding Kate Middleton, she and Prince William were photographed without their knowledge while leaving the doctor’s office. Kate allegedly had an ultrasound, and rumor is they might have a girl. As The Inquisitr reports, the Duke and Duchess are fuming about the photos printed on a U.S. news source. Several were snapped of the couple exiting the building, smiling. Kate appeared happy as she walked side-by-side with her husband.

As for when Duchess Kate is expected to be seen again, she’s slated to be on-hand to welcome the President of Singapore on October 21. A Kensington Palace spokesperson confirms that this will be a major role for Kate Middleton.

“I think it would be fair to say that this is the first time the Duchess has played a formal part in a State Visit program.”

Breathecast reports that Kate has returned home to her parents house to recover from her illness. The world is reporting on the Duchess’ uncomfortable condition and not much else when it comes to what’s happening in her life. She’s been behind closed doors, and with all of that, has come under nonstop speculation about the royal family. At least finding some solace with her parents and close relatives is comforting to Kate without the constant glare of cameras. Kate and William are likely looking forward to the birth of their second child for more than one reason.

[Image via Sunday Express]