‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Spoilers: Will Rick Be Ousted As Leader?

The Walking Dead season 5 spoilers: Rick out as leader?

The Walking Dead Season 5 spoilers are rolling in after last week’s huge premiere, and with Episode 2 airing on Sunday night, fans are dying to know what will happen to Rick and the gang as they leave from the epic battle at Terminus.

The Walking Dead fans watched in the Season 5 premiere as Rick and the group escaped Terminus, reunited with friends and family, and were forced to hit the road yet again, but what happens next?

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Rick Grimes may be ousted as leader of the group now that everyone is back together, and they have changed so much.

The Walking Dead characters are constantly evolving, and so many of them could take the reins if the “Ricktatorship,” as fans like to call it, ends.

Daryl is one choice to be the new leader. He’s been with Rick since the beginning, and has become like a brother to him. Meanwhile, Glenn is also an original cast member who’s been through it all, but as reported by Wet Paint, Glenn’s life could be in jeopardy in The Walking Dead’s fifth season.

Meanwhile, Carol has proven herself a strong and capable leader. However, she may lack that compassionate and caring gene that allows The Walking Dead fans to still feel like the group wants to do, and be, good. After seeing Carol kill Karen, David, and Lizzie, it’s hard to image her wanting to help outsiders the group may encounter.

Then there is Abraham, one of the newest members of the group. Abraham was the leader of his tiny clan, which includes Eugene and Rosita, before running into Glenn and Tara on the road, and ending up at Terminus with Rick and the others.

The Walking Dead fans know that Abraham has a very strong mission, and is driven to get Eugene to Washington D.C., as Eugene claims he can stop the zombie apocalypse madness.

While fans would like to see Rick continue in the leader status, The Inquisitr previously reported that Morgan is also back in the picture, and could end up either being a friend, or foe, to Rick and the group when the two former friends finally meet again.

It’s definitely going to be a crazy ride in The Walking Dead Season 5, and fans are all but freaking out about what could happen and who may die on the AMC series.

What do you think about the possibility of Rick not being the leader during The Walking Dead Season 5?

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