‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina Conspires, Sonny Pauses, And Liz Reminisces

Michelle Stafford plays Nina Clay on 'General Hospital'

Big things are going down in Port Charles this week, according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. Nina is determined to carry out her evil plan, and now she’s got help. Carly’s wedding is on the horizon, but it seems unlikely it’s going to go off without a hitch. Of course, then there’s the mysterious patient as well as Rosalie’s secret. What can fans expect to see happen during the week of October 20 on General Hospital?

According to the “Official Morgan Corinthos” page, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nina and Madeline will be working together on her plan. It seems that Madeline isn’t jumping into this willingly, though. She Knows Soaps shares GH spoilers that indicate there is some bribery involved.

Nathan is trying to stop Nina from destroying herself, and Maxie shows an interest in helping him with his family challenges. This week Nina will reveal Rosalie’s secret. Later in the week, Rosalie will be cornered to reveal what she knows about Ava’s whereabouts.

Kiki and Morgan will be trying to get Ava help, and it seems she learns that her baby could be in danger. As the week plays out, Kiki will issue Ava a warning that someone is coming after her.

Franco will invite someone unexpected to his wedding to Carly, while Shawn and Sonny move ahead with their dangerous plan. Sonny does have some doubts and a moment of guilt over what he has planned, and there is a flashback or vision from his past involved. Olivia also has a vision, and this one is an ominous one about the wedding. She tries to warn Carly and Sonny, but it seems she is ignored.

Michael learns something shocking and big about AJ’s murder, and he tells both the police and Kiki. He learns that Carlos wasn’t behind his father’s death, it seems, but how much more does he learn? General Hospital spoilers indicate that Kiki will then tell Morgan what she learned.

Elizabeth continues to connect with “Jake,” talking to him about her past with Jason. The mysterious patient, Jason Morgan, now played by Billy Miller, gets a visitor, suspected to be Carly. It seems he will also have a flash of a memory about the accident.

Additional General Hospital spoilers indicate that Julian is jealous of Ned, while Anna and Dr. Obrecht have a confrontation. Tracy shares details with Lulu and Dante about Amsterdam, and she indicates that she’s determined to save Luke. Ned doesn’t like what she has planned, as it seems she’s willing to risk everything, including the family company, to save her husband.

Anthony Geary will be returning as Luke/”Fluke” before the end of the month, and fans are anxious to see some progress on this front. Just how far will Sonny, Nina, and Franco go in their plans to gain control and exact revenge? When will Elizabeth figure out “Jake’s” identity? Tune in to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC to see just what happens next.

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