Teddy The World Famous Talking Porcupine Munches Pumpkins In The Cutest Halloween Video You’ll See

In what may be both the most unlikely and cutest Halloween video you’ll see this year — or any year — we bring you Teddy the Talking Porcupine as he chows down on pumpkins, and provides a running narrative.

The talking porcupine could probably learn a few table manners, however, as he continually chatters with his mouth full.

If you’re a fan of “cute animal” internet videos, you may have heard of Teddy, who along with Stinkers, is perhaps the most famous porcupine on a YouTube filled with kittens and puppies. Teddy lives in a Dallas, Texas, animal rescue shelter called Zooniversity, where one day three years ago, Zooniversity’s zookeeper Allison Blankenship thought it would be fun to shoot a quick video of Teddy eating an ear of corn.

She posted it to YouTube and a star was born, mainly because of the bizarre sounds that Teddy makes while he dines, which YouTube viewers thought sounded like human speech. So far, Teddy’s 16 videos have racked up more than 11 million views.

“Honestly, when I shot that very first one with that ear of corn, I didn’t hear what other people heard in it, because to me it just sounded like porcupine noises,” Blankenship said to a Dallas newspaper.

But not to YouTube fans, who viewed the video millions of times over, and set Teddy up for several sequels.

Blankenship began shooting holiday-themed Teddy videos. This one, of course, is Halloween. As you’ll see, Teddy enthusiastically munches a basket full of small miniature pumpkins.

“Corn or pumpkin are not standard foods for him, so he’s super excited when he gets those,” said Blankenship, when NBC’s Today show came calling on Teddy. “He has a very strict diet otherwise.”

Teddy the Porcupine has so far earned more than two million views for this pumpkin video alone. So, let us know, what do you hear in Teddy’s porcupine soliloquy over his pumpkin lunch?