Kendra Wilkinson Divorce: Kendra Is Having A ‘Hard Time’ Deciding What To Do

Kendra Wilkinson might get a divorce after all. The reality star is having a hard time deciding what to do in regard to her marriage, and sources say that she has been “going back and forth” about whether or not to stay with Hank Baskett. According to People Magazine, Kendra doesn’t know what to do about Hank because every time she feels like she has made a decision to stay, new information leaks out (either from Hank or from the media), and it makes her rethink the whole situation.

“Kendra goes back and forth. Everything is unraveling, it seems,” shared a source.

The most recent piece of information revealed about Hank’s alleged cheating scandal was about a lie detector test that he supposedly took while on the reality show Marriage Boot Camp. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Hank was asked about the alleged affair — and it was determined that he lied about it. Within days, there were new reports about Kendra reconsidering divorce.

Kendra Wilkinson divorce rumors have been circulating since June. While the former Playboy playmate has said that she would be a fool to leave Hank (because he’s a wonderful husband and father in general), she has also said that she just wants to know the truth. Since Hank is apparently withholding details, Kendra is left picking up the pieces — and soon, everything might start to make way too much sense. Cheating and lying discredit that whole “wonderful husband” thing.

According to Yahoo! News, Kendra has found out quite a few surprising things. While Hank keeps denying everything, his story seems to be unraveling. Kendra has asked Hank a million times: “Just tell me what you did. Tell me the truth.” However, learning that Hank is still trying to cover this stuff up and is really making Kendra second guess everything.

The thing that makes this decision hard is Kendra’s children. She knows what it is like to be raised in a broken home, and she does not want her two children (Hank, 5, and Alijah, 5 months) to go through anything similar.

“The one thing I can’t forget about are these two kids. I was a kid at one point when my parents made a rash decision, and it hurt me still to this day. The one thing that cannot happen is making a quick decision, just based off of what the public thinks I should do. That’s the worst thing I can do for myself, it’s the worst thing I can do for my two kids.”

Should Kendra Wilkinson divorce Hank Baskett?

[Photo courtesy of Peter Kramer/NBC]