Michael Moore: The Occupy Movement has 'Killed Apathy' [Video]

Michael Moore joined the protesters in Oakland this week to congratulate them on successfully killing apathy in America.

Moore said:

"We've killed despair across the country and we've killed apathy."
The Occupy Movement has spread across the country and around the globe in the last few months, but the movement seems to have found its epicenter in Oakland. Last week, Iraq veteran Scott Olsen was critically injured by a police projectile during a protest in Oakland. The incident brought Michael Moore, more protesters, and the media's attention to the California city.

Moore said:

"This week in Oakland, California, will go down as a watershed moment (for the Occupy movement)... I've never seen a movement take form so fast... There's no turning back, is there?"
To which the crowd emphatically replied: "No!"

Moore asked the crowd for a moment of silence in honor of Scott Olsen, saying:

"It's absolutely criminal that this young man went to Iraq for a war he didn't agree with and the only place he had to worry about was here in his own country, in Oakland, California."
Earlier this week Moore wrote a post confessing that he was part of the 1%. He explains how he came to wealth and what he does with his money. Which according to Moore, includes a lot of charitable givings.

What do you think of Moore's speech? Does the fact that he makes millions and is part of the 1% make his opinion irrelevant? Has the Occupy movement killed apathy?