‘Boom, Boom! That Was It!’: Accused Killer’s Chilling Boast In Cold-Blooded Murder Of Two Students

Javier Bolden, the 22-year-old accused killer of two University of Southern California students in 2012, was recorded in a Los Angeles jail boasting about the cold-blooded double murder to a fellow inmate who was secretly a police informant, telling the other inmate, “Boom, boom. That was it.”

Bolden in accused along with his friend Brian Barnes, of sneaking up from behind two Chinese USC grad students — Ying Wu and Ming Qu, both 23 — as they waited in a double parked car not far from the university’s campus.

According to accounts presented by prosecutors as Bolden’s trial opened earlier this week, Barnes approached the driver’s side and fired two shots into the vehicle, killing both the male student, Wu, and his female friend.

Bolden, on the passenger’s side, yelled at Barnes to “take what you can get” after Barnes killed the pair. The killers made off with two cell phones from the robbery. Barnes pleaded guilty to the murders in February and was sentenced to two life terms without parole.

Barnes, left, and Bolden are pictured in the above photo, which appeared on the now-deleted Facebook page of the “No Respect Party Crew” to which both belonged. A party crew organizes underground dance parties, often at different locations each time.

Bolden, after initially denying all involvement in the murders of Qu and Wu to police, eventually broke down and confessed, telling police the only motive for killing the two grad students was that they looked like easy targets.

“It was easy, and they’d most likely have more money than somebody that stays in Watts, Compton,” Bolden said in a videotaped confession shown in the Los Angeles courtroom.

But Bolden’s defense lawyer, Andrew Golden, told jurors in his opening statements that Bolden was simply telling police “what they wanted to hear,” after his interrogators told him he would get the death penalty if he didn’t come clean.

As for the secretly recorded jailhouse boasting, Goldman dismissed it as a case of “bravado” with Bolden doing his best to seem like a tough guy in front of other inmates.

Bolden is a father of two who was attending community college courses at the time of the murders.

Goldman said he would present cell phone tower evidence that suggests Bolden may not have been at the scene of the murders at all.

On the jailhouse recording, made just hours after his arrest and booking, the other inmate asks Bolden is he saw the faces of the two students, to which Bolden casually replied, “No, they died.”

On the same tape, Bolden also brags about shooting a man earlier, during a fight.

“Boom, popped him!” Bolden is heard to say, describing that earlier alleged shooting.

His lawyer said that Javier Bolden was just “making things up” in that recording.