Mahmoud Abbas: Jews Who Visit The Temple Mount Are A ‘Herd Of Cattle’

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been ongoing for quite some time, but has taken an upturn in aggression this year. The Inquisitr reported on the volleys between the two. Just recently, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamine Netanyahu slammed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for Holocaust and genocide denial. On the other hand, Abbas has threatened the United Nations that he if doesn’t get Palestine back to 1967 borders, he’ll go to the International Code Council (ICC). Let’s not forget that just about four months ago, these countries were at war over Gaza.

It is evident this year has been quite active between both countries, and earlier this week, reported The Inquisitr, Mahmoud Abbas made a statement that Jews shouldn’t be allowed to take pilgrimages to the Holy Mount. However, there are reports that Abbas isn’t simply making a statement on Islamic faith, but uses words that may instigate terrorism.

According to Israel National News, Mahmoud Abbas encouraged Islamists to continue efforts aimed at preventing Jews from visiting the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. He said that all Palestinian Arabs must prevent “settlers” from entering the site using “all means” necessary. The statement alone is quite insulting since Abbas is calling Jews the settlers in Jerusalem, which is synonymous in both history and the Torah. Abbas detailed more of his beliefs in the following statement.

“It is not enough to say the settlers came, but they must be barred from entering the compound by any means. This is our Aqsa… and they have no right to enter it and desecrate it.”

The Blaze, however, reported the more aggressive and hateful statements Mahmoud Abbas said as well as the aftermath of such thinking. It was on Saturday that Abbas compared to Jews on a Pilgrimage to the Holy Mount as a “herd of cattle.” The fact that he stooped to name calling elevates his intentions from defending his faith quite possibly to dogmatic terrorism.

Also, it was just recently that Palestinian demonstrators clashed with Israeli forces over what Palestinians see as Jewish encroachment on the site. The fallacy is that the Jews aren’t allowed on the Temple Mount, though some are trying to build the Third Temple on the site. They all gather at the Western Wall to do their praying. In that respect, does Mahmoud Abbas not even want Jews to pray at the small piece of the Temple Mount — being a piece of a wall — they are given?