Angelina Jolie Is Not Perfect — And Other Ways Photoshop Gives Us A False Image Of Celebrities

By now, everyone knows — or should know — that the images we see of celebrities in magazines are not what these people look like. There’s this software program known as Photoshop, see, and if you know what you’re doing, you can use it to turn a picture of anyone into a glamorous movie star shot.

But for many of us, especially young people, the reality or more accurately, unreality of what we’re seeing when we view these celebrity photos just doesn’t sink in. It’s disturbing, but studies have shown that young women, especially, are dramatically affected by the celebrity images they see in the media — even though the vast majority of those images are basically fake.

Girls still believe that they should aspire to look like these digital creations in real life, and often this Photoshop-instilled belief leads to eating disorders and serious self-image problems. The fake celebrity images cause very real and lasting psychological problems.

The Inquisitr has shown you some examples of celebrity Photoshopping before, such as the Mariah Carey comparison you can see at this link.

But here’s a video, assembled by BuzzFeed, that reveals some dramatic differences between the way some celebrities appear in real life, and their Photoshopped versions. And guess what? Angelina Jolie does not have perfectly symmetrical facial features.

Gwen Stefani has the skin of the 45-year-old woman she is, not the porcelain skin tone of a mannequin.

And Harry Styles, well, he’s got a little acne issue. That’s not unusual for a teenager, but in the media’s alternate reality where all celebrities are flawless, even a few zits are a big no-no.

If you have a young daughter, or son, please pass this video on, and have her (or him) show it to friends. That way, maybe, they’ll get the message that we’re all human beings. And it’s okay to look like one.