No NBA Games Until November 30 as Talks Break Down Anew

Labor negotiations broke down anew between NBA owners and players prompting Commissioner David Stern to cancel all November games. The Commissioner earlier canceled the first two weeks of the season. He now cited the impracticality of having a full season.

The negotiations earlier made some progress on salary cap issues. Talks broke down when both parties brought back the issue on revenue split. Team owners stood their ground at 50-50 split of revenues. Union president Derek Fisher and union executive director Billy Hunter wanted 52.5 percent. The last collective bargaining agreement had it at 57 percent in favor of the players.

With games for November gone, it is expected that losses for both parties will now begin to mount. No further talks have been scheduled.

Hunter said as he commented on the situation:

“We made a lot of concessions, but unfortunately at this time it’s not enough, and we’re not prepared or unable at this time to move any further.”

Union president Fisher added:

“We’re here, we’ve always been here, but today just wasn’t the day to try and finish this out.”

Do you think it’s still worth saving this year’s NBA season?