Is Ron Klain Competent Enough To Fill The Role Of Ebola Czar? Critics Have Their Doubts

Ron Klain, recently appointed Ebola Czar, is coming under fire from critics who believe Klain lacks the competence to fill the role assigned to him by the Head of State. Klain was appointed to the position after pressure from Republicans — and Americans as a whole — for more to be done about the country’s Ebola response.

Ron Klain, as the Inquisitr reported, though highly regarded by the White House, has no medical expertise. This has led critics to state that selecting Ron Klain for the position of Ebola Czar is purely political. It prompted former Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson to tweet appointing Ron “demonstrates administration did not take public health seriously.”

The Daily Beast reports that now that Ron Klain has been selected, the focus has shifted from “calls for a Czar” to “calls for a different Czar.”

Jerry Moran explained, “Without the right person in charge, I am concerned the President’s appointment of a political ally will only add to the bureaucratic inefficiencies that have plagued Ebola response efforts thus far. He must be able to cut through red tape and make unbiased decisions across multiple agencies —the buck has to stop with him.”

Forget Ron Klain’s background, others are not in support of this idea of appointing a Czar in the first place.

“We don’t need another so-called ‘czar’; we need presidential leadership. This is a public health crisis, and the answer isn’t another White House political operative. The answer is a commander in chief who stands up and leads, banning flights from Ebola-afflicted nations and acting decisively to secure our southern border,” Sen. Ted Cruz said.

Though Ron Klain has his fair share of critics, there are plenty of supporters as well. According to the Washington Post, Ron Klain has been referred to as everything from “strategist” to “Renaissance man,” and if Jon Wolfsthal’s (who served on Biden’s National Security Staff) accounts are correct, Ron is capable of mastering anything.

The job may have started out as a bitter experience for Ron Klain, but there are some who are prepared to look past Ron’s background to the real problem. Dr. Manny Alvarez, Fox News Channel’s Senior Managing Editor for Health News, has written an open letter to Ron Klain, in which he welcomes him to the job, wishes Klain the best, and offers advice on the Ebola crisis. Some believe Ron Klain’s problem-solving skills and extensive knowledge of other areas will dim the lack of knowledge he has in medicine and make him successful in his new role.