Soccer Players Jim McAlister And Gary Harkins Celebrate Goal With An ‘RKO Out Of Nowhere’ [Video]

Over the past week or so, many people on social media were introduced to a very entertaining meme featuring WWE superstar Randy Orton. This became known as “RKO Out Of Nowhere,” which is ripped from both Jim Ross and Michael Cole — color commentators for the WWE — screaming the actual phrase whenever Orton would pull off his patent finished out of the most unique situations. The Inquisitr reported on the popularity of the “RKO Out Of Nowhere,” in which the popular Vines videos may be the face push “The Viper” needs. It will definitely be needed since he and John Cena will be the finale main event at WWE Hell in a Cell 2014.

Now it is evident that the popularity of the “RKO Out of Nowhere” has gone beyond the barriers of social media. As a matter of fact, the meme has now been used as a victory dance of some sorts during a soccer match.

According to an article by the Bleacher Report, Gary Harkins and Jim McAlister pulled out the iconic finisher to celebrate a goal made by Harkins. It happened during the first half of Saturday’s match, in which Dundee went against Motherwell. Apparently, Harkins must be a big fan of the wrestling move since he doesn’t mind taking the bump. He even made sure to hit up Twitter to let everyone know too.

It is a good thing that Dundee won by defeating Motherwell, 3 to 1. If they were to lose, the “RKO Out Of Nowhere” would have probably been the best thing to happen to Dundee that day. Maybe it was safe for Gary Harkins and Jim McAlister at the time because they only celebrated with the move made after the initials of the wrestler (Randall Keith Orton) when they scored a second time. Still, according to Fox Sports, Randy Orton himself took to Twitter and stated that the soccer players needed to work on their form.

What do you think about Gary Harkins and Jim McAlister performing the “RKO Out Of Nowhere” as a victory dance? Do you think this meme will stick in sports far longer than Booker T’s “Five Times Five” or Daniel Bryan’s “YES!” chant?

[Image via Screencap of Video from Dundee Official Website]